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Goals can be sooo lame.  We know we need them.  It's shown over and over again that businesses who set goals earn more revenue than those who don't - we're talking, like, 10 TIMES more.  Businesses don't reach their goals for 3 reasons:
1.  They don't know goals to set
2.  They don't set SMART goals
3.  They don't stay accountable

Don't have a cow!  Spiffy Goals solves this problem with a niffty app.  Your business is worthy of success!  Let's reach your goals together!
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About Spiffy Goals

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Our app is designed to work for Sales Professionals (real estate agents, financial planners), Small Business owners (marketing, consultants) and MLM'ers.  If you need to increase sales in order to improve your business, Spiffy Goals is for you!
Take your business from major BUMMER to super SCHWEET. Neat-o! 
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Why set Goals?

Do you have a passion for coaching small businesses?  Excellent!  Have your clients use Spiffy Goals as part of your accountability program.  Stay top of mind between coaching sessions and increase your client's success!  Thank you for your dedication to Small biz!!!
Not some techy conglomerate - no way, dude.  Our team is based in Colorado - including our software developers.  We've been helping small businesses  on and off-line for years.  Supporting small businesses is our expertise!  Fantabulous!


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Our app is based in the 1980's - your business shouldn't be

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